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brettnexx said: So i just saw you dick pic for the first time and all I have to say is dayum.

Thank you.  Fun fact, I’ve gone from 6 inches to 7 cause of losing weight.

Clare is either having Drew’s baby or Jesus 2.0.

But knowing the Degrassi writers, that means the same thing

Is Imogen high again?

No!  Not another fucking song!

God is trying to kill all of the Torres children

And Miles is now the official first male bisexual in Degrassi

I like this kotex ad.  Flying panties everywhere is a step up compared to dancing on beaches.

Eli has the same sheets as me

The ad for the virgin show has too many attractive people to make sense.  Someone I lost mine at 17 and I’m pretty much terrible at being social

"This is the part where we’d kiss…"

Yeah, no Tristan.  You’re just as big of a butt monkey as Marco.  

Then again, there’s still another hour for Miles to turn out to be bi.